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by | Mar 19, 2020

Before I begin, raise your hand if you ever heard of Salsa dancing?

Did you know that British author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, Ken Robinson, who is famous for his 2006 TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity which has been viewed more than 50 million times, says in an article that “Learning Salsa is as important mastering calculus”.

In today’s “technological world”, there is a big issue with children being disconnected and isolated. 

You do see children use fleeting eye contact, failing to use polite forms of communication, and struggling to respond appropriately when asked to change their actions.

If your child doesn’t know how to interact, form and sustain good relationships, this can be a problem for many years to come.  When little or no interest is shown in what the other person has to say, children may be seen as rude or having difficulties with communication skills.

And you hear yourself saying to your kids or teenagers:

“Go out there & Interact with those kids”
“Say Hello”
“Go & meet new friends

In other words, you are saying develop “Social Skills”.

But you don’t have any effect on them – your child may have problems interacting, and being social is a crucial skill in getting on in life.

More than ever, children need to master social skills but how do you do this in a fun, engaging way?

The good news is that they are ways to improve the situation and activities to teach children how to interact and communicate with one another in a safe environment.

In January this year, if you were in the El Rtimo Dance studio on Level 2, 167 Gouger Street Adelaide, you would have seen 8 new students who did not have the confidence to socialise with one another – nervous and quiet, waiting to see what was going to happen.

As a dance teacher I encourage your child to follow movements which supports the development of a series of skills, including spatial awareness and the ability to follow cues.

This approach encourages your child’s creativity and sense of awareness regarding themselves and others.  Helping your child to create dance goals and what they would like to accomplish.

And if you were in the studio you would have seen 8 students by the end of the class comfortable interacting and connecting with one another in a socially acceptable manner.

Dancing Salsa improves children’s relationships, concentration and human connections with friends, parents and at school.  When a child dances Salsa, they interact and connect with one another.

If you want your child, or if you know of someone child’s who is wanting to develop social skills, they suggest they learn how to dance in a fun and cost effective way.

And the first lesson with El Ritmo is free!

If you want to talk to me about teaching techniques and how your child can benefit in coming to our dance classes, I’m really happy to have a chat.

My name is Valeria Managing Director from El Ritmo South American Dance Academy which means rhythms in Spanish.  Thank you very much and hope you can join us in this exciting journey!

Miss Val xx


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