Kids Artist Program


Kids artist program is delivered for children to gain experience in dancing. The program is run for 8 consecutive weeks where children have a chance to learn a fun and energetic latin dance routine and gain an understanding of the different dance styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Cumbia and Samba. 

Kids Artist program is an introduction to basic latin techniques combined with faster and funkier dance routines. By this stage students may have an understanding in the latin styles and music of the latin rhythm. Students participating in this program develop skills in movement, coordination, musicality and confidence.

Age: 7 – 12 Years
Term: 10 Weeks
Class duration: 1 hour per week – Saturday Mornings- 11.00 am – 12.00pm (60 min)
Cost: $17 per class.
Full fee: $170.00
Location:  Level 2, 149 Waymouth street, Adelaide

But wait! There are more opportunities for Kids who have an interest in Music.

The Latin Instrumental Music program is a unique and integral part of the Kids Artist program. Students have the choice to participate in a 50 minutes class providing students with opportunities beyond the dancing experience. The program is designed to teach students a variety of classroom instruments (ukulele, xylophone, recorder, woodwind and percussion).

$10.00 per class for students who are enrol in the Kids Artist Combine (Dance + Music program)
$20.00 per class for students only who enrol in Kids Artist Latin Instrumental  Program.

Enrol in Kids Artist Dance + Latin Instrumental Music Program and Save up to $100.00!!