Emerging Young Artist Program


The Emerging Young Artist Program is an unique opportunity to children age 8-14 years old who are wanting to further develop their artistic talents in areas of dance, singing and acting.

This program runs for 10 consecutive weeks where students gain the right skills in singing, dancing and video performance. Children get assigned to be part of the recording of the El Ritmo song and music clip video providing them a unique and fun experience. The program introduces children to experienced artists whose passion is to help emerging young children develop further their artistic talents as an Artist.

To be able to participate in this program children must attend an audition and if accepted into the program children must commit to the 10 hours of training (1 hour per week) plus 4 hours hours of recording of paid experience opportunity for the completion of the program. 

Age: 8-14 years
Term: 10 Weeks
Class duration:1 hour per week – Saturday afternoon- 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm (60 min)
Cost: $18.00 per class
Full fee: $180.00 
Location: Level 2, 149 waymouth street, adelaide