Meet Valeria 

Managing Director El Ritmo


I’m Valeria Alonso, an entrepreneur, teacher, dancer, writer & singer songwriter dedicated to help your child become the confident artist they always wanted to be.


2019 Award winner Latin Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by Council of Australian Latin American Relationship and world class dancing program Valeria has helped many children to believe in their passion and has helped achieve their dreams.

Valeria Alonso, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Australian has nothing more than passion in dancing and a dream to fulfilled. She is proud to have created an inspiring, lovable and engaging dance school that touches millions of children’s hearts and their families.

“Dancing has been part of me, since the beginning of my early childhood years.”

Valeria – Creative Director, is an Australian leader in Latin Dance . Brought up Dancing Street Latin styles and further developed her passion in Ballroom Dance. She now brings her unique choreography and classes to every child in Australia. 


She continues to support the latin community and brings people together in a fun and educational way..



which brings to you..

“Helping our students to grow , grow and thrive

I’m here to help your child. This school is built on compassion, love, with  passion and commitment to see your child succeed in life.  

Through our classes, events, online videos or songs and anything else we might offer – we are in this to make a difference.

To help build children the self -confidence, self- esteem and self belief they need.
Whether you are looking for your child to learn how to dance or wanting to overcome feeling anxious, shy or fearful we are here to help your child . 

Welcome to the world of El Ritmo, let’s get excited as we begin the journey together!

With Love,
Miss Val 


Find out how your artist can learn from home or take a dance classes in our studio. Click our Learn to Dance page for more information.