El Ritmo launches it’s first song!

by | Aug 26, 2020

In July 2019, Miss Val wrote her first song for El Ritmo students. The song was inspired from her students but specially to those who left along the way. 

El Ritmo is all you need is about embracing the beat of your heart. No matter how you feel when dancing uncoordinated, frustrated or afraid just remember you have a rhythm within your heart. Your rhythm is unique, special and irreplaceable and when you find it, embrace it.

That’s all you need!

The song was recorded by the amazing composer and producer Juan Muñoz from Ormeega Production. 

We hope you like our present to you.
From Miss Val & El Ritmo family!

Produced by Ormeega Productions.

Written by: Valeria Alonso
Videographer: Yamila Alonso.
Video Editor: Juan Muñoz.
Dancers: Sofia, Lio, Georgia, Sara, Maria, Gaby, Alejandra, Rafa, Malena, Ema, Anabel & Miss Val.


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