About Us

“The secret to grow, is helping others to grow” 

So nice to meet you… 

You have landed at El Ritmo’s house.  El Ritmo opened it’s door in 2017 to reconnect children with the art of this world we live in:  “Culture”.

“El Ritmo” in Spanish means “The Rhythms”, defined as the rhythm of the soul. It is a vital impulse, principle and fundamental to wellbeing. It gives energy that causes the body and the mind to move.

Although this house seems different from the outside, inside is a place of adventures where your child learns to love, play and dream.  
At El Ritmo’s house you discover Friendship, Laughter and Faith. Together, we share each other’s stories and learn to dance with Magic, Grace and Love.

This site is full of incredible stories of our students and resources that can help your child succeed in life.

Inviting you to watch below video to check El Ritmo work and find what you’re looking for so we can start something beautiful together.

Our Success

Get inside our student’s and discover the impact El Ritmo is making in their life.

“Together, we are going to embrace an exciting journey

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