Would you like to see your child grow Self- Confidence?

whilst developing social skills and having fun.

Perhaps your child is shy, they need to be more active, take a break from technology and get along better with other children.

Making new friends allows children to improve their communication, coordination and work in a team.  Developing independence, dance, singing and Spanish language skills whilst connecting with the Latin American and Hispanic culture.

Bran new song!

You are invited to sing and dance along to El Ritmo brand new song “Hola Adelaide”. A song inspired to teach children about it’s wonderful places, thing and people of Adelaide. 

A bilingual song  written by Miss Val in conjunction with Ormeega Prodructions. 

                                          Hit play now. 

“All children need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them

Through dance classes and programs, producing their own music and learning different dance styles, your child and/or students can dance without fear and build upon their artistic talents.

Providing the right tools and teaching in a safe, caring and fun environment, you can access guides, tutorials and resources, with connections into the creative and performing arts industry. 

Dance is a passion, alongside helping children to engage in learning a culture and working with talented teachers and dedicated professionals to motivate, inspire and guide through a number of dancing styles including Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Cumbia, and Samba.

Free Dance Tutorial

You are invited to watch free dance tutorials and join Miss Val and El Ritmo students in the classroom and/or from home.


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