Would you like to see your child grow in self-confidence whilst developing social skills and having fun?

Perhaps your child is shy, they need to be more active, take a break from technology and get along better with other children.

Making new friends allows children to improve their communication, coordination and work in a team.  Developing independence, dance, singing and Spanish language skills whilst connecting with the Latin American and Hispanic culture.

Through learning and gaining the right skills in following areas of production: Dance, Music, Film and Theater your child and/or students can build upon their artistic talents while embracing and connecting with the Latin culture.

What does El Ritmo mean?

In Spanish “El Ritmo” means “The Rhythm”, defined as the rhythm of the soul. It is a vital impulse, energy and drive that causes the body and the mind to move. El Ritmo is a place of adventures where your child will learn to love, play and dream, discovering friendship and laughter.

“All children need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them”

– Magic Johnson.

El Ritmo Productions Programs

Little Artist Program

(Age 3 - 5 Years)

Kids Artist Program

(Age 8 - 14 Years)

Emerging Young Artist

(Age 8 - 14 Years)
In School Programs

In-School Programs

Dance Workshops



El Ritmo four pillars are:


Helping children to engage in learning the Spanish & Latin American culture. We provide a range of production courses offering the appropriate training in dance, film, music and live theater. This means the development of children’s creativity and self confidence only grows, and the impact of wanting to learn a different culture, language and embrace diversity it simply increases.

Children & Youth

Working with children across age 3-14 years old. We truly believe that the skills developed in the performing arts provide a solid platform for young people to take on the world. While our programmes offer continued learning outside of school, the core of our philosophy is a focus on ensuring our students enjoy their experience while having fun.


Alongside helping children to engage in learning a culture and working with talented teachers and dedicated professionals to motivate, inspire and guide them through, El Ritmo production programmes focus on a number of rhythmic styles, this includes rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Cumbia, and Samba, motivating and guiding students with correct training.  


Providing the right tools and teaching programs in a safe, caring and fun environment to help your child succeed in life. Children  can participate both in our face to face programs or online programs. Helping  children to have an opportunity to make new friends, form connections, work as a team, stimulate their creativity, boost their confidence and learn a different culture.

Listen Now!!!

El Ritmo Music Soundtracks engage children through dance, movement and latin rhythms as well as welcome children to the wonderful world of the spanish language and latin culture. Follow us on Spotify or check out the latest playlist “The Magic World of El Ritmo”

Why choose El Ritmo?

Well Established

Over 15 years of experience in teaching dancing, singing and producing children's content in a safe and friendly enviroment.

Wide Range of Classes

For 3 - 14 years - Choose from Dance, Sing, and Perform and make new friends with us!

Skill Development

Develop successful life skills like confidence, communication and teamwork in a fun, inspiring way.


We provide a range of programs offering appropriate training with the opportunity to progress in the art industry.


My children love El Ritmo classes because they have fun, they meet new friends and feel the flavour of the latín culture. They love the choreographies and continue the fun at home and with friends. An add on to these classes is that the kids learn some Spanish as well.Thanks so much to Val, you are just amazing!!!

El Ritmo Parent – Vandana.

My 8 year old loves coming to Miss Val's dancing class. She has lots of fun!!!

El Ritmo Parent – Betsa.

My daughter loves going to El Ritmo, she loves dancing, singing and acting. Val is really organised and very professional in what she does. I really recommend this for the kids.

El Ritmo Parent – Belinda.

My daughter has been at El Ritmo for 4 years and every time she is learning something new and unique, Valería is the perfect teacher. She is kind and very professional. She builds confidence in kids and makes them stronger on the inside and out!

El Ritmo Parent – Angelica.

If you're looking for an inclusive, fun activity (that includes a little bit of Spanish language learning) then El Ritmo is the place to go! Our 4 and 3 year old's absolutely love going to Miss Val's classes (since 2020) . The dancing, songs and great atmosphere have boosted their self confidence and socialization skills!

El Ritmo Parent – Andrea.

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